What is Supported Living?

Supported living offers good quality accommodation where residents have tenancy rights with flexible person-centred support to address their needs and aspirations.

They provide opportunities to live as independently as possible in the community whilst supporting you to maximise your independence, care for yourself, manage your health needs and feel connected and included as part of the community.

Furthermore, it is a term generally used to describe situations in which people (often adults with a learning disability or mental health condition) usually rent their home, and their personal care or support is arranged separately. This means they can change their support without having to move, or move and take the same support with them.

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Supported living is about giving people the opportunity to live normal lives. Here with us at Total Care, we are more than willing to provide programmes which are designed to teach and develop the essential life skills that are required in day-to-day life, from cooking and cleaning to remaining in employment. We also do our best to maximise your interests so that when the time comes you need to leave the home and without our support, you can do well on your own.

For those who choose supported living, you can live your lives in a home like your own – with minimal supervision and a group you can call family and friends; as we are always available to provide a helping hand whenever needed.

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