What is a Care Home?

Care. Home.

These two words can stand alone with their meanings but when combined creates a new level of empathy. A care home, simply put, is a residential center where personal kinds of care are provided such as washing, dressing, and anything connected to mobility.

Care homes have staff round the clock to attend to the needs and to care for residents. They have qualifications to do so, as well as experience in care. The staff also help the residents as they eat, move around, and socialize. The residents are highly encouraged to do so. Records of the residents are kept in order to cater a custom type of care depending on their needs.

A care home is a secure home where needs are met, and the residents are assisted to make their daily living easier. There are people who can help, and a community of people to mingle too

Care homes differ only with the residents they admit and the care they provide. At Total Care, we specialize on those with learning disabilities. Click here to know more of us. https://totalcareunit.com/about-us/

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