This is the Kind of Environment Every Learning Disabled Person Deserves

A safe space.

This is the kind of environment every individual need, even more for those with learning disabilities. Safe space does not only pertain to security. A safe space is a place where an individual should receive support and guidance, and more importantly, feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm.

Every care home should be a safe space for their residents. The residents seeking a care home have a reason, and they are not out there admitted just to hang out with other people and strike a conversation. They are people who need to receive care and need to feel like they still belong despite their setbacks or physical challenges. Their condition might have robbed them of their confidence or identity, so it is only fitting that they experience an environment where there is no judgment and only acceptance. A care home should be a place where the resident is the main priority and caring is not a privilege but a basic right.

Every person diagnosed with a learning disability must be well – supported as they learn at a different pace, in a different manner. The support from family and friends combined with an environment that is specifically designed to meet their needs would be a lovely way of dealing with their learning disabilities.

At Total Care Home, we make sure to pay attention to every detail for the resident, which we believe is one of the keys in helping them and giving them care. This way, the care they will receive is tailored to their needs and who they are as individuals.

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