How Support Speaks Volumes For A Learning Disabled Person

Support is the number one need of every learning disabled person out there. Most people with a learning disability were born with it or acquired it shortly afterwards. They may have difficulty understanding, learning and remembering. This often makes it harder for them to communicate, learn new things, and sometimes to undertake physical tasks.

People with learning disabilities sometimes need more support to get their views and wishes heard. It can be particularly hard to understand what someone is telling us if they do not use words to communicate.

Since it is important to consult this matter with a professional, it may help to write down your questions before any appointments with professionals and take someone with you. It’s extremely important that you are satisfied with the answers to all your questions, so if there’s anything that you are unsure of, don’t be shy to ask and, if necessary, ask again.

Questions you might think about asking include:

  • Are there any changes I can make at home to make things easier?
  • Do you have any contact details for other organisations that can help?
  • Am I entitled to any benefits or financial help?
  • Is there any additional literature available?
  • Who is my care coordinator or key worker?

A form of supporting the person with LD is through respect. It’s important that you get on well with the person with LD, and this is more likely if you treat the person, his family and his friends with respect. Please respect the choices he makes, his culture and the lifestyle he have chosen for myself. Don’t impose your lifestyle, choices, opinions or beliefs on the patient.

Understand and get to know the patient too. Everyone with a learning disability is an individual with their own strengths, abilities, personalities, needs and aspirations. People with learning disabilities have their own identities worth knowing too.

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