Getting Into The Care Home: The Basics

Finding yourself in a new place can mean some major adjustments. It may not be the case with physical things, but it can manifest emotionally. Below are some basic tips as you get into the new care home.

Look around, find your way around

Get familiar with your new place to stay. Look around the place, familiarize where this corridor is headed, or where you should take a turn to go to the garden, or how many rooms you can pass till the main door. Absorbing this type of information allows you to settle in mentally and emotionally too. Just like how you would feel in your house, and find your way no matter what.

Stay connected

Surely care homes allow you to have an open conversation with your family and/or guardian, and they may as well be very much involved with your admission up to your progress. Staying connected with your loved ones puts you at ease with the new environment without any hesitation with the adjustments you will make.

Bring loved items with you

As you move in to your care home, bring with you some items that you love and make you feel loved. It is a type of coping mechanism that can help regardless of the changes happening like you moving, or being separated with family for a while. A photo, a favorite shirt from a sibling, or some house items like your pillow will keep you company. Bring with you things that will comfort you. Just don’t go overboard with clutter 😉

Talk to the Staff

The staff are there to help you, guide you, and learn with you. Talk to them, tell them your preferences, tell them what you want to do, tell them what you don’t understand, tell them your situation. It helps that you help yourself by being open. This way, the staff will also know how to help you best.

It can be quite an adjustment, but it’s an adjustment you have to take in order to get better. Getting into the care home might just be one of your life’s greatest move to help yourself. Feel free to add to these tips with your personal preferences of coping when you move in!


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