Care Home & Learning Disabilities: A Needed Connection

As previously mentioned in our blogs, learning disability is not curable but you can live with it. You can hone your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses so that you can do something about your disability. This is where the need for a care home begins. A care home will specifically cater to your needs as a learning disabled person. Staff will be there for you round the clock to help you. The care you will receive will also be personal and tailored to you and your abilities. In this way, you are not discouraged with what you have but rather, encouraged to work on it so that it will not become a personal obstacle.

Having LD can become frustrating sometimes. When we get frustrated, sometimes all we just want is understanding, guidance, and care. There is a needed connection between LD and a care home like no other. Enjoying a life that has purpose and meaning is equally important to us all. People with learning disabilities are no exception. Using services that provide care in the community supports people with learning disabilities to live ordinary and fulfilling lives.

Receiving care empowers the individual to retain their independence and continue to make their own choices about the way they live their life. A professional companion will be present to offer full or short term one to one support, with the intention never to ‘take over’, but to encourage the individual to explore their full potential and do everything possible to promote and further independence.

A unique care plan is regularly reviewed with the individual and their loved ones, to ensure that important communication is kept open and feedback can be given; allowing everyone to be happy and comfortable with the care and support that the individual is receiving.

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