Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury can occur at any point in life and may change someone’s entire life. Whether caused by an accident or illness, acquired brain injuries are complex, traumatic and can drastically alter the lives of individuals and their families.

Acquired brain injury can result in several cognitive, physical and behavioural changes in a person. These can include aggression, low self-esteem, a reduced skill base, disinhibition and lack of insight and self-awareness.

We want people to be their best after brain injury. Our supported living service provides a consistent environment that will increase life skills and independence while also focusing on re-establishing and developing social aspects of life, whether relationships with family or other or regular outdoor activity.

Our support is flexible, built around each person, and will change over time. Small steps can eventually lead to big improvements in someone’s abilities and quality of life. We keep a close eye on each person’s progress to make sure that they are getting the right level of support.

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