Total Care Supported Accommodations

Here at Total Care we are driven by technology and we let technology lead the way. We are a data driven organisation whose systems and processes are all being streamlined cloud based using various tools to achieve high efficiency and high performance within the supported living space with local authorities. We use this to speed up and increase our ability to provide services for our young people as fast and as efficient as possible.

  • I choose who I live with​

  • I have my own home​

  • I choose how I am supported

  • I choose who supports me

  • I get good support

  • I choose my friends & relationships

  • I choose how to be healthy & safe

  • I choose how to take part in my community

  • I have the same rights & responsibilities as other citizens

  • I get help to make changes in my life


Total Care offers planned placements of short, medium and long care to young people aged 16-24 years on admission, male and female seperate units.

Wherever possible, we aim to help and support young people to develop independent skills to enable them to move on into their own place of residence.

We provide a positive nurturing caring environment which lets the young people in our care changes the way they feel about themselves as well as provide a supportive team with an ethos to promote a non-judgemental and caring home.

We have a qualified Clinical Psychologist who when necessary can provide hourly sessions with the young people to help them manage and process developmental and past trauma using evidence based psychological therapies such as Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) and who takes part in the clinical supervision of staff.

Detailed Key-work Sessions with the young people in our care will take place promoting topics such as:

  1. Social & Emotional Skills: Emotional Literacy, Feelings & Emotions, Self Esteem & Confidence, Social Skills, Relationships & Friendships, Choices, Decisions and Problem Solving
  2. Behaviour Skills: Anger Management, Bullying, Restorative Justice, Behaviour and Mentoring
  3. Drug & Alcohol: Drug Awareness, Alcohol Awareness and Smoking Issues
  4. Emotional Health & Wellbeing: Stress, Resiliency, Eating Disorders, Depression, Grief and Loss, Self-Harm & Suicide, Abuse and Domestic Violence and Protective Behaviours

We aim to help young people achieve their full potential in relation to all aspects and dimensions of their lives.

We provide a structured, stimulating, caring and safe environment that is free from any prejudices and which offers young people the opportunity to be listened to and express their wishes, needs and feelings.

The development of self-care and life skills is highly promoted. We do this by assessing a young persons starting point and using a step by step learning approach, ensuring an outcome of positive self-esteem and confidence enabling them to leave feeling able to manage the following: Cooking, cleaning, shopping, personal care, financial management, use of external services such as GP, dentist, optician, sexual health etc.